Laurence Singer



Served as legal counsel to the Federal Communications Commission Review Board, working on broadcast and common carrier matters.

Participated in the initial stages of the restructuring of the United States telecommunications sector, authoring a seminal FCC decision on Federal/State jurisdiction and representing Western Union in yearlong negotiations headed by the FCC to bring AT&T in compliance with the United States District Court’s antitrust decision.

Provided consultative services to the Department of State and the Department of Commerce in the areas of privatization and the establishment of regulatory structures for the telecommunications sectors in Mongolia and Thailand.

Served as a consultant to the Department of Transportation.

Represented the Consumer Federation of America at meetings with the Congressional Research Service relating to the deregulation of the United States' telecommunications sector.

Consultant for Shearson Hayden Stone reporting on the telecommunications sector.

Negotiation and drafting of film and music production, publishing, distribution, marketing, sponsorship, endorsement and license agreements in the entertainment industry.

Counsel to IT, entertainment and media companies.










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